Senior Citizen Hospital’s home care assists patients who require in-home health care services. In the past, this level of medical attention was only available in the hospital or nursing home setting. Home care offers patients the opportunity to benefit from the same level of care without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Our team of registered nurses, nurses aides, social workers, home health aids, social workers and physical, occupational and speech therapists work with the patient and their family to design a plan specifically tailored to their needs and to offer the patient as much independence as possible throughout the recovery process.

The home health team works to promote, maintain or restore the client's health. The goal is to minimize the effects of illness and disability allowing the client to remain in the home setting. Patient/family education and coordination of medical care is an essential portion to the success of a client remaining in the home.

Home care is designed for patients who

• Don’t need continuous care, such as in a skilled nursing facility (rehab hospital) or long-term acute care facility (transitional care hospital)
• Need help recovering from or learning to manage health conditions at home
• Have mobility or functional issues
• Have difficulty leaving their home

Some of our home care services include

Physical assessments Provide emotional and psychosocial support
Monitor vital signs Assistance to manage your healthcare issues
IV therapy Personal care
Wound care Homemaking
Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy Support to make informed decisions
Education regarding medications, illness & diseases Community Resources

Why Choose Us
Better outcomes Our home care has some of the lowest hospital readmission rates and some of the highest rates of wound healing, pain management and improved movement.

Coordinated care. We’ll work with your physicians and specialists to continue their care and keep them updated on your progress. Information in your home care medical record is automatically transferred into the medical record used by your doctors.

The dedicated and caring staff of the Senior Citizen Hospital's Home Care Department continues to provide services in the home to patients.