What is Day surgery?

The Day Surgery Unit is a stand alone facility designed specifically for patients who do not need to stay in hospital overnight. We care for both paediatric and adult patients. All of our patients for general anaesthesia are carefully selected for suitability through pre-assessment.

Our staff will treat you like family and you will find that the average time spent here is much shorter and more comfortable than at most hospitals. Our facility is open to every qualified surgeon in Charleston and the surrounding areas. Feel free to ask a Day Surgery Center representative if your surgeon is a member of the Day Surgery Center team.

Services provided

Many types of surgery are provided on a daily basis, using either general or local anaesthesia.

These include


Dermatology  Ear, nose and throat
 General surgery  Gynaecology
 Oral surgery  Orthopaedics
 Ophthalmics  Plastic surgery
 Urology  Vascular


When You Come In

When you arrive at the hospital, please go to the Day Surgery Unit and our staff will register you at the desk. After registration you will be directed to the Nursing Team in the Day Surgery Unit to prepare for your procedure. After your procedure you will be discharged from the hospital.

When you are discharged

• Here is a useful checklist of questions you may need to ask before you leave
• If you have a wound; what care is needed?
• Have you stitches or clips that need to be removed?
• If there are any problems when discharged, who should you contact?
• Do you need an out-patient appointment or follow up care?
• Do you need a medical certificate for your employer?
• Have you got all your belongings?

Day Surgery Unit  options are available at  Senior Citizen Hsopital.

Through our specialist team of doctors, nurses, radiology and administrative staff we aspire to deliver patient focused, quality healthcare in a personal, professional and caring manner.