IOPI Pro Kit-Deluxe treatment system is very effective to treat Speech problem of elderly patient.

With the IOPI System you can:

   - Objectively measure and document lip and tongue strength

   - Compare patient data with norms

   - Set exercise parameters using the principles of exercise science

   - Measure and document patient improvement and evaluate program effectiveness

   - NEW! Patients can now exercise at home

   - Learn what else is new.


When to Consider Speech Therapy for Senior

Because speech therapy has so many benefits for the elderly, some individuals consider therapy for even mild to moderate concerns such as stuttering or fear of speaking around others. However, it is often after a medical incident such as the onset of dementia, a stroke, a head injury or an oral or head related cancer diagnosis that seniors seek out speech therapy treatment. It’s important to note that speech therapy can also become necessary due to the aging process. As the vocal cords lose elasticity and the larynx muscles weaken, seniors may find speaking in their normal manner challenging or impossible. Some signs to look for when considering speech therapy include:

    - Is your elderly loved one having problems responding to others or requesting needed items?

    - Are they experiencing difficulty managing personal matters due to lack of clear speaking and communications?

    - Does the senior seem to have trouble swallowing or feel like food is ‘stuck’ in the chest or throat?

    - Is there any doubt that the senior could adequately communicate in a time of emergency?

    - Has your loved one become more reluctant to speak recently?

    - Are they struggling with speaking audibly or having trouble hearing others?

    - Does your loved one transpose words frequently?