About Us

Senior Citizens Hospital is the only specialty hospital in the country providing world-class treatments and evidence-based protocols across a broad range of medical specialties only for Elderly patients. We are gathering the most modern technology from around the world to deliver latest FDA, CE approved medical management. We are introducing space age technology, such as, Robotic Rehabilitation, Biofeedback therapy, Virtual reality (VR) based treatment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based health assessment & treatment protocols.

Our medical staff consists of experts recognized not only for their clinical abilities but their ability to work as a team to get the best outcomes for patients and extend top-level care with compassion. We place a high emphasis on exceeding rigorous quality benchmarks related to safety and performance.

The hospital needs of Senior Citizens often differs from younger patients. Our specialty is developing & delivering a medical service platform solely targeted to the needs of Senior Citizen patients. It is a seamless medical service delivery design that extends service from hospital up to the patient’s home.


Senior Citizen Health Care This special hospital is designed for senior citizens of Bangladesh for the treatment of various diseases.

It aims to close the gap between standards of health care in India/South Asia & other developed countries. In order to do so, we transport all the advantages of all the latest treatment protocols from the most advanced countries of the world to the people of Bangladesh.

The Hospital provides the most advanced super-specialty healthcare services in a comfortable, accessible and patient-centric environment.


Evidence-based medicine means prescribing and delivering treatment based on the best combination of clinically-validated medical research. It involves evaluating all aspects of a given patient’s condition and then balancing the risks and benefits of all medical options to create a care plan that uniquely meets that patient’s needs.


In a multidisciplinary environment, teams of doctors from different specialties and super-specialties work together to treat patients in the most harmonious, effective way possible. Our doctors at senior citizen hospital invest time to understand your condition fully and then collaborate to create a treatment plan that combines the entirety of their medical knowledge and skills.

WORLD CLASS TECHNOLOGY Citizens Specialty Hospital, we invest in medical technology aggressively. We also invest in building the expertise required to maximize its effectiveness for patients. 




Geriatric Medicine Clinic

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Pain Rehab Clinic 

Stroke & Neuro Assessment

Stroke & Neuro Rehab Clinic

Swallowing Assessment

Parkinson's Disease & Tremor Clinic

Speech Assessment

Feeding Difficulty (Swallowing) Treatment Clinic

Memory Loss Assessment 

Speech Therapy Clinic

Fall Prevention Assessment

Memory & Dementia Treatment Clinic

Vertigo, Dizziness Assessment

Vertigo, Dizziness Treatment Clinic

Balance & Posture Assessment

Balance & Posture Treatment Clinic

Urinary & Rectal Incontinence Assessment

Fall Prevention Clinic

Cancer Screening Facility

Wound Treatment Clinic

Nutrition Assessment

Genito Urinary Medicine

Psychiatric Assessment


Sleep Assessment

Gynae Rehab Clinic

Fully Automated Laboratory

Respiratory Rehab Clinic


FES, EMG Biofeedback Clinic

Diagnostic Instruments

Neuropathy & Neuromodulation Clinic


Urinary Incontinence Clinic


Constipation and Rectal Incontinence


Nutrition & Weight Treatment Clinic


Sleep Disturbance Clinic


Skin and Allergy Clinic


Psychology and psychiatry


Occupational Therapy


Palliative Care & Hospice


Home Care


Day surgery


Piles and Fistula Clinic


Vascular Clinic


Eye Clinic


ENT Clinic


Dental Clinic



the heart of our medical center

Dr. Samnun F. Taha

Geriatric Medicine Specialist, Founder

Dr. Samnun F. Taha was born in Dhaka on November 2, 1965 in Bangladesh. He completed his graduation in Bachelor of Medicine & surgery (MBBS) from Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1990

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