Swallowing Assessment

SeniorCare Assessment Platform is the most advanced Swallowing assessment platform in the world, developed in collaboration with top experts of Bangladesh. The platform is a comprehensive Swallowing diagnostic system that integrates various diagnostic tests on one platform.

Dysphagia is the most common squeal of so-called “diseases of aging”. A stroke, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis can sustainably damage the swallowing behavior of the patient. Due to the observed demographic trends, it can also be expected that there will be a steady increase in the number of affected patients in the next few years. Therefore, a customized solution for the endoscopic evaluation of swallowing is of great importance.
Tests shall find out whether this disease is the result of a disorder with the mouth, or with the oesophagus.
our system ensures the centralized storage of data so that it can be accessed and shared by the right offices. The multifunctional system optimizes workflow and facilitates uniform and efficient analysis of findings, documentation and reporting.

The SeniorCare Assessment Platform is Bangladesh’s first robust diagnostic system that helps doctors to diagnose and treat nutrition’s problems.