Vertigo Dizziness Assessment

SeniorCare Assessment Platform is the most advanced vertigo and balance assessment platform in the world, developed in collaboration with top neurotologists of Bangldesh. The platform is a comprehensive diagnostic system that integrates various diagnostic tests on one platform, beams them up via Cloud Technology for remote interpretation and recommended treatment in real time.

The SeniorCare Assessment Platform is Bangladesh’s  first robust diagnostic system that helps doctors to diagnose and treat vertigo cases through
• Comprehensive vertigo and balance evaluation
• Customized reporting
• One-click patient data retrieval
• Rehabilitation module and patient monitoring module

Important Features Of The Platform:
The balance system of our body is maintained by inputs from the eyes, inner ears, the proprioceptive system and the brain. These three systems send signals to the brain for proper coordination and maintenance of balance. A neurotological evaluation encompasses an evaluation of functioning and coordination of these systems. Any disturbance in the harmonious functioning of these systems is diagnosed by our neurotological team through cutting-edge vestibular investigations.