Nutrition Assessment

SeniorCare Assessment Platform is the most advanced Nutrition assessment platform in the world, developed in collaboration with top experts of Bangladesh. The platform is a comprehensive nutrition diagnostic system that integrates various diagnostic tests on one platform.

Nutrition Assessment is the first step of the Nutrition Care Process. Its purpose is to obtain adequate information in order to identify nutrition-related problems.
It is initiated by referral and/or screening of individuals for nutritional risk factors. Nutrition assessment is a systematic process of obtaining, verifying, and interpreting data in order to make decisions about the nature and cause of nutrition-related problems.

• Referral information and/or interdisciplinary record
• Patient interview
• Nutritional Adequacy (dietary history/detailed nutrient intake)
• Health Status (anthropometric and biochemical measurements, physical & clinical condition physiological and disease status)
• Functional and Behavioral Status (social and cognitive function, psychological and emotional factors, quality-of-life measures, change readiness)

Nutrition Assessment Components
• Review dietary intake for factors that affect health conditions and nutrition risk
• Evaluate health and disease condition for nutrition-related consequences
• Evaluate psychosocial, functional, and behavioral factors related to food access, selection, preparation, physical activity, and understanding of health condition
• Evaluate patient knowledge, readiness to learn, and potential for changing behaviors
• Identify standards by which data will be compared
• Identify possible problem areas for making nutrition diagnoses

The SeniorCare Assessment Platform is Bangladesh’s  first robust diagnostic system that helps doctors to diagnose and treat nutrition’s problems.