Balance & Posture Assessment

SeniorCare Assessment Platform is the most advanced Balance Assessment platform in the world, developed in collaboration with top experts of Bangladesh. The platform is a comprehensive Balance and Posture diagnostic system that integrates various diagnostic tests on one platform.
A comprehensive balance assessment typically begins with a referral from a nurse practitioner or a physician who has completed a fall risk screen or some sort of risk assessment and is concerned about a person’s fall risk. The assessment begins with the gathering of subjective data from the patient or the patient’s caregiver, which includes a detailed medical history, review of medications, and any other factors that contribute to loss of function. A brief history of recent falls is particularly important and often provides information about the cause of the balance disorder.
Following the subjective assessment, musculoskeletal function, functional mobility and gait, movement strategies, and sensory systems involved with balance are evaluated. The ultimate goal is to find the cause of the balance impairment, design a program that reduces future falls, and make decisions related to home modification and assistive devices.

The SeniorCare Assessment Platform is Bangladesh’s  first robust diagnostic system that helps doctors to diagnose and treat Balance’s problems.